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April 15, 2008


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Virtualization can offer great benefits to many organizations in many different ways. However, there are drawbacks and concerns, and Christofer Hoff has taken the time to expose this dark side of virtualization. [Read More]

» The Four Horsemen from Information Centric Security
The Network Is the Compu...oh, crap. Never mind, it's broken. (Death)Nearly made me snort coffee from my nose when I read this line. That is brilliant. It is a long post, but worth the time to read. It will take [Read More]

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One of the more interesting session I went to yesterday was a talk by Chris Hoff called " The Four Horsemen [Read More]

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Desde Black Hat 2008 en las Vegas nuestro amigo Jeff Jones nos narra su experiencia en una charla sostenida [Read More]


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