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Chief Security Strategist, Architect, CISO, Security Mechanic* and Evangelist/Prophet, Brick layer, Priest and Short Order Cook... *Used to be visionary, but the Union called & revoked my membership ;()


Like anyone who's been in the security "racket" for some time, the realities and vagaries of the truth behind six degrees of separation makes me laugh out loud when I realize just how small this world really is.

Yes, I have a CISSP, CISM, CISA, IAM and about 10 other certifications/credentials, and unlike some others, I'm neither horribly allergic or blowing my own horn because of them. I get to meet some interesting people because of them, however. Does that cause you to revoke my membership in the "counter culture club?" Oh well.

I've done 3 start-ups (and the odd up-start,) raised venture funding, lost my ass, made it all back again, been a CEO, CISO, CTO and still haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up. I'll let my kids tell me what I should do next -- they're wiser than you and I.

The coolest thing I can look back on and be proud of professionally is that at 120% of capacity I always look for more. I get accused (rightfully) of having ADD but at the same time when it's time to lock and load, I think I do a fine job.

I have no idea why you've continued reading all the way to this part -- I'm a boring person so I can only assume it's 1:40 am and you've run out of things to type into Google.


Small caliber firearms, power tools, interests? anything with wheels and an engine that puts me in harms way - supercharged small blocks, motorcycles and 125cc shifter karts, especially. kentucky bourbon, tennessee whiskey and fine sipping rums. cigars -- usually the kind that curl your toes and puts hair on your palms. paintball, jumbalaya and bbq'ing anything that at one time had a face and was not in the same genus/species fork as i am/was.